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We are "Collection Liquidators"

Unlike most stamp dealers, we do not try to stock any particular area or type of stamps.

We buy collections and break them down. We never know what the next collection will bring to us.

The key to our site is that we start with reasonable prices and then aggressively discount anything that doesn't sell.

Everything must go!

What's the Bargain Bin?

One of those elusive items! Our goal with this site is to offer collectors a place to acquire great stamps for their collections at great prices -- including those elusive inexpensive items!

From a business standpoint, the only way we can offer such inexpensive stamps, and deeply discounted stamps, is to save on labor. You save because we don't spend time filing and entering data into a database.

The Bargain Bin is organized by logical categories, but within each category, the fun is in the browsing!

It's like going through a dealer's inventory at a stamp show. If you are the type of collector who only wants to zero in on a specific catalogue number, the Bargain Bin won't be your cup of tea. You can do that in our "Better stamps" inventory (see the menu). But if you enjoy going through those "red boxes" at a dealer's table at a stamp show, never knowing what will attract your attention, this site was built for you!


Recent Additions

Listed below are significant additions to stock. We almost always have some miscellaneous worldwide as well.

Additions to the StampBox

Apr. 15 added 167 items including:
Better Canada / Commonwealth / Newfoundland & Provinces

Additions to the Bargain Bin

April 14 added 1629 items including:
Africa (not British) - mixed ( 38 )
Australia mint ( 103 )
Australia States ( 25 )
Australia used ( 19 )
British Africa - mixed ( 64 )
British Asia - mixed ( 54 )
British Oceania - mixed ( 35 )
Canada mint 2: Admirals to Peace (Scott 104 - 273) ( 151 )
Canada mint 5: Back of the Book (Air
WarTax etc) ( 63 )
Canada Newfoundland and Provinces ( 132 )
Canada Revenues ( 41 )
Canada used 1: pre-Admirals (< Scott 104) ( 22 )
Canada used 2: Admirals to Peace (Scott 104 - 273) ( 27 )
Canada used 5: Back of the Book (Air
WarTax etc) ( 23 )
Eastern Europe (mixed) ( 20 )
France used ( 24 )
French Colonies / Departments - mixed ( 27 )
Great Britain mint 4: Elizabeth ( 58 )
Great Britain used 2: EVII-KGV ( 31 )
Great Britain used 4: Elizabeth ( 22 )
Italy used ( 116 )
Jamaica ( 33 )
Japan ( 37 )
Mexico ( 21 )
Middle East (mixed) ( 27 )
Monaco ( 31 )
New Zealand used ( 28 )
Portuguese Colonies ( 23 )
Ryukyu Is. ( 26 )
Plus miscellaneous others (308)

We're just getting started!

A great stamp! We hope you find some great stamps for your collection right away, but if not, please don't give up on us!

We have only started stocking the website. We have dozens and dozens of stockbooks and collections of stamps waiting to be broken down. Our goal is to add at least a couple of thousand items per month.

Visit the site regularly and check out the "New Additions" list on this page, or better yet, join our e-mail mailing list for an (approximately) once a month e-mail update.

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Your Hosts:
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